LPG Trading

We offer our customers a complete, end-to-end service. We operate a small fleet of purpose-built LPG tankers, comprising dedicated modern pressurized LPG vessels, on time charter. We have also invested substantially in LPG infrastructure, including bottling facilities, enabling us to deliver a reliable and constant supply of LPG to the local market.

The LPG market continues to grow and evolve and in addition, we are working with customers to develop and deliver LPG to power generating solutions in markets worldwide.

Depending on the local regulations and laws in each operating country, Sankofa defines its services and operations scope that goes in line with the governing rules. And while being a regional player, Sankofa has accumulated over the years an in-depth knowledge of the local regulations of the gas industry within West African region which aids our business investments as well as our development initiatives.

Due to our diversified clientele, Sankofa  has built a strong, expanded and reliable fleet for different capacities to cater different types of customers and their needs. Partnering with global and regional tankers suppliers, Sankofa fleet vehicles comply with international standards for hazardous goods carrying.

Sankofa ensures the tanker filling is as fast and efficient as possible. In addition, a dedicated distribution team is focused on the continuous optimization of the fleet routing, efficient utilization and periodic maintenance.

Sankofa has a diversified portfolio of clients that each is treated uniquely and our distribution service is tailored to its needs and consumption while ensuring the client never runs out of gas.

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